1. Everyone dreams of having a great body, but most of us are impatient, this is the reason why people tend to rely on muscle enhancing drugs. Intense workouts, supplemented with such drugs will give you a great physique in no time, but prolonged intake of these drugs will surely take a toll on your body. The term you should focus on is ‘prolonged intake’; if you consume the muscle enhancing drugs or steroids for only a short duration of time, your body won’t be affected to a greater extent, thus the effect of these drugs is directly commensurate to the type of the drug, portion of intake and the length of ingestion.

    Natural bodybuilding is a great alternative to the drug supplemented workout, and helps in avoiding the post-steroid physical harm. Natural bodybuilding is the type of bodybuilding in which there is no use of human growth hormone (HGH) or any kind of steroid. The benefits can only be stated relative to drug supplemented bodybuilding, as the exercise routines are almost similar, but may have variations in intensity.

    No Side Consequences

    Drug supplemented bodybuilding will give you a pumped body within a few days, but the prolonged consumption of anabolic steroids or HGH may lead to various ill effects such as stroke, interference of liver functioning, erectile dysfunction and infertility. Natural bodybuilding does not involve the intake of any harmful body enhancing drug, so you do not have to worry about any side effects.

    Minimizes Injury

    When steroids or HGH is consumed, they increase your muscle size and your muscle strength, but the strength of your joints is not increased accordingly. The drug supplemented high intensity bodybuilding takes a toll on your joints and makes you injury prone, whereas, natural bodybuilding involves gradual progression in intensity, thereby increasing the power of your joints proportional to the strength of your muscles.

    Lasting Effect

    Steroid based bodybuilding can pump your body at a much faster rate, but the size of your body will reduce dramatically once you stop the consumption of such drugs. Thus, a drug supplemented body is not permanent. Natural bodybuilding is supplemented by simple healthy diet, and a naturally built body will not wear off as long as you are consuming your regular meals, thus the muscle size gained by using natural bodybuilding techniques, can not be termed as temporary.

    Complete Satisfaction

    Drug supplemented bodybuilding techniques will give you desired results in no time, but it will make you doubt your potential. You can never be sure, whether the growth in your body is due to your efforts, or the magic of the drugs. In natural bodybuilding, you are certain that the results that you witness are entirely due to your rigorous efforts, and thus you will have a sense of satisfaction and a feeling that you have earned your physique.

    Greater Confidence

    Having a good body always boosts confidence. Natural bodybuilding can elevate this confidence to a new high, since you know that you have achieved your physique on the basis of your potential, without depending on any drug. This confidence drives away the fear of losing your improved musculature with the course of time.

    The psychological and physiological benefits overshadow the rewards of drug supplemented bodybuilding. Before considering any bodybuilding technique, you should research on its perils. I recommend you to consult an expert before you begin bodybuilding, this will help you realize your limitations and help you avoid damage to your body.

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